Started servicing the Telecommunications sector


Km of fiber option planning and right-of-way acquisition


Stakeholders engaged

Connecting people through the science and technology of communication by telephone, radio or television.


As the world continues to develop technologically, so increases the demand for more effective telecommunications infrastructure. What we don’t want to forget is that telecommunications is about connecting people. At Evolve, our team has developed efficient processes through each stage of acquisition to provide you with complete project management, while still focusing on the people behind the telecommunications industry – yourself, all stakeholders, and all end users.


Number of Canadian provinces serviced (BC to Manitoba)


Wireless telecommunication sites acquired and permitted

Telecommunication Solutions

  • Sketch Generation for Candidate Packages and Site Leasing
  • Route Planning & Mapping Tools
  • Risk Evaluation for Site Selection
  • Stakeholder Consultations, Municipality and Third-Party Engagements
  • Land Access Dispositions on Crown and Freehold Properties
  • Rural and Urban Site Acquisition
  • Co-Location Application and Execution
  • Complete Acquisition Workflow Management
  • Survey Coordination Post Site Acquisition
  • Open House Coordination and Management