Sophisticated Professional Consulting

Land, Planning, GIS, Right-of-Way, Environment, Title, & Regulatory

Evolve specializes in delivering professional consulting services with customized strategies for your infrastructure projects.

Building a pipeline? Constructing a major transmission or utility power line? Developing a renewable facility? Widening a road? Installing a cell tower? Drilling a well? Running fiber optic?  Whatever your infrastructure project is, Evolve is your trusted partner. We offer support across the entire project lifecycle, from land access and environmental clearances to permitting and regulatory approvals, through construction support. Regardless of the scope of your project, our team is equipped to handle challenges and mitigate risks, ensuring your success.

By working closely with you, we create effective land and community engagement strategies that are based on proven practices, extensive experience, and innovative solutions supported by our technology integration.

*See industry specific services by selecting the industry of choice below

  • Management: Pre-planning / Strategic Planning / Project Oversight / Construction Support
  • GIS: Interactive Project Planning / Sketches / Mapping / Route Selection
  • Land Access: Consultation / Negotiation / Acquisition
  • Environmental: Planning & Permitting / Reclamation & Remediation
  • Indigenous Engagement: working and collaborating with communities to understand opportunities and form relationships
  • Community Engagement: Project Participants / Planning / Open House / Event Facilitation
  • Title: Rights Secured / Interest Protection / Due Diligence
  • Administration: Document Generation / “In-House” Support
  • Local Authority Engagement: Zoning Applications / Planning Assessments / Presentations
  • Regulatory Supports: Stakeholder Approvals / Application Support / Non-routine Support
  • Third Party Engagement: Crossings / Notifications / Approvals