Our Story

Our Mission & Origin

We believe in building connections

Evolve Surface Strategies Inc is a multi-disciplinary professional consulting firm offering a diverse range of land, environmental, and regulatory services to meet the infrastructure development needs of clients across Canada and the United States. Founded in 2007, Evolve was born from a visionary perspective, aiming to elevate the standards of practice for community and stakeholder engagement strategies with a multidisciplinary, multi-industry approach.

Our commitment to nurturing top-tier talent and embracing cutting-edge technology in our management approach has not only realized our founding vision but also laid a strong foundation for continued growth and innovation.


Opened our doors

EVOLVE planted our roots. In 2007, we opened our doors with our core service of obtaining land access and property rights while meeting regulatory requirements. Granted, the door was to a small condo in downtown Calgary, but it was here that our vision began to grow.

OUR VISION: At Evolve, we have vision of blending the skill sets of several key disciplines to continually develop and maintain a strong competency training program that is respected by industry, allowing our team to provide premium service while creating a new and exciting environment of choice for the surface land community to work with.


Opened our first office in Airdrie

Our vision kept on growing as we worked tirelessly to offer innovative land acquisition solutions. So much so, that our downtown condo didn’t meet our clients’ needs (or ours, for that matter) and we happily opened our first official office in Airdrie. It is here that our mission continued to grow!

OUR MISSION: Supporting Responsible Development, Respecting Stakeholder Perspectives; Operating with Vision and Values.


Expanded geographic presence

Opening locations across Western Canada, we successfully expanded our geographic reach across to Manitoba. This expansion showed us that the industry was ready to have more honest, transparent and accountable conversations. This growth alone encouraged us to keep innovating, bringing more value to our clients in their surface strategies.


Acquired a company

By listening to the industry and focusing on culture and community, both internally and externally, we acquired another right-of-way firm. With this acquisition, we continued to develop into a leader among the right-of-way industry in Canada.


Continued growth

We saw vast growth of our team through 2016 and 2017 as we acquired three more companies – two in 2016; one in 2017! To ensure that we continued to serve clients with the same level of service that Evolve was founded on, our values became even more important to our solutions. Here, we furthered our commitment to communication, strategy, community, and, of course, the wow factor in our Evolve Suggested Strategy!


Depth & Strength

Officially in our 11th year of operations, Evolve being true to our name, engaged an external party to support to revisit Evolve’s Mission, Vision and Value Statements.  Working through detailed exercises as a leadership group, Evolve captured our ‘evolved’ focus and to carry us forward.

MANTRA – Boldly. Building. Momentum.

OUR WHY – “We believe in building connections”


Evolve Canada, meet Evolve USA

Identifying continued growth and geographic expansion opportunities under Evolve’s Boldly. Building. Momentum. mindset, Evolve initiated work on our first projects in the United States of America. Setting key managers up with immigration visa’s and forging a key relationship with a strategic partner set in motion the beginning of Evolve operating on an international scale.


Further Expansion in Challenging Times

Evolve continued to grow onboarding new team members across both Canada and the United States and working closely with key strategic partners to expand our service regions. Navigating the complexities of the pandemic and adapting an internal mantra of “Calm. Calculated. Careful.”, we upheld our commitment to excellence by supporting our client base with innovative virtual stakeholder engagement strategies ensuring workflow was maintained and client objectives continued to be met. Notably, these strategies were launched and tested by Evolve in 2018, positioning us as true leaders for the industries we serviced when the pandemic forced the hand of our engagement practices.


People are Our Product - still!

Guided by our senior leadership and anchored in our foundational belief that ‘People are Our Product’, Evolve embarked on a company-wide initiative. This initiative involved conducting two-day operational working sessions with each of Evolve’s regional teams separately. The primary objective was to gather feedback, ideas, recommendations, and identify any gaps in our operations. This valuable exercise yielded insights that have significantly shaped the company’s goals and directly influenced budgeting and planning decisions.


Depth and Strength continues...

Expanding upon Evolve’s already comprehensive service offerings and geographical reach, we successfully finalized our 6th M&A (Merger & Acquisition) transaction. This milestone welcomed aboard a skilled team of 32 land and environmental professionals, with their headquarters based in Medicine Hat, Alberta. In addition to the talent gained through this acquisition, it also strategically complemented Evolve’s existing service areas, particularly benefiting our ability to efficiently serve clients in Southern Alberta, Southern Saskatchewan, and Northern Montana


Fueling our ever-growing energy! Since 2007, our team has expanded across Canada and the United States, all united by our commitment to Boldly. Building. Momentum. We’ve successfully executed projects in the six largest Canadian provinces and across 19 of the continental United States, solidifying Evolve’s position as an influential land and right-of-way firm and a living embodiment of our original vision. At Evolve, it’s our boundless energy and passion for pioneering innovative surface strategies that enables us to deliver genuine value for our clients.

Our Values

  • Accountability
  • Culture
  • Community
  • Honesty