Evolve... Surface Strategies for Energy & Infrastructure Projects

Evolve Surface Strategies Inc. is a multi-disciplinary professional consulting firm offering a diverse range of land, environmental, and regulatory services to meet the infrastructure development needs of clients across Canada and the United States.

Evolve is about people, expertise, and the ability to innovate together, moving ahead for tomorrow, while engaging communities today.

Strong Community Presence

Bringing together real people for honest community focused-conversations for a better way in right-of-way management.

Leaders in innovation

Executing innovative solutions, founded on respect of time, value, and each other to build better tomorrows.

Realistic solutions, complex right-of-way

Evolving strategic, yet realistic solutions that support responsible right-of-way, while mitigating impacts on people and the planet.

A Multi-Disciplined Firm

At Evolve, we’re about more than right-of-way services. We’re about building bold connections between all people for better right-of-way solutions.

Our Specialties

Evolve is a multi-disciplined firm built around the right people with the right skills to offer a full complement of acquisition services and effective stakeholder engagement strategies. Our team of professionals, including right-of-way agents (land agents), mediators, GIS analysts, regulatory specialists, and surface land administrators, work together to provide innovative solutions for effective land access. Discover some of our previous innovative solutions here.