Renewables & Power


Servicing the renewables sector since 2012


Acres of land acquired for wind projects


GW of wind/solar production secured in North America

Power Transmission & Renewables: helping to move energy, including alternate forms such as wind and solar, from generator to end user.

Power Transmission

A primary service provider for the acquisition of numerous large and smaller power transmission projects, we know that proactive community engagement is crucial for consensus building. It’s a matter of ensuring we take the time to understand all concerns and perspectives, addressing how your infrastructure can be built to move energy and positively impact the community.

Power & Renewables : Renewable and Traditional Right of Way Acquisition Solutions


As the energy industry continues to develop more environmentally sound alternatives to traditional power generation, so has the acquisition process. At Evolve, we are proud to offer effective right-of-way services that help advance the renewable energy industry. Our team has experience working through wind and solar projects and are able to effectively work through challenges in a manner that moves the project forward in a realistic and honest fashion.

Renewable and Traditional Right of Way Acquisition Solutions


Servicing the Power Transmission sector since 2010


Kms of powerline acquired since 2014


Kms of maintenance for existing power lines in 2017 alone


Renewals of power facilities within urban environments

Renewable Solutions

  • Planning, Site Selection and Initial Project Reviews.
  • Confidential Land Optioning in Competitive Markets.
  • Notification and Consultation Programs for Regulatory Requirements.
  • Royalty Based Leasing Programs.
  • Option Sketch Plans.
  • Planning and Project Mapping Tools.
  • Risk Evaluation and Constraints Analysis for Site Selection.

Power Transmission Solutions


  • Comprehensive Acquisition Programs.
  • Public Consultation.
  • Construction Support.
  • Landowner Association Group Negotiations.


  • Route Planning & Mapping Tools.
  • Sketch Plan Generation for Acquisition Packages.

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