Infrastructure Projects


Water/Sewer Pipelines


Waste Water Projects


Stakeholders Engaged


Major Flood Mitigation Projects

Bringing together interrelated systems and structures, such as roads, bridges, and sewers to provide commodities and services essential to enable, sustain, and enhance societal living conditions.

Infrastructure Projects

To us and our clients, infrastructure is about finding the least inconvenient way to get things done to improve services for the betterment of a community. This comes down to simple communication. From acquiring right-of-way for a water and sewer main in a highly sensitive urban to municipal area, to housing redevelopment recommendations, or developing land for specialized road projects, we work with you to build a comprehensive, yet realistic plan that’s unique to your project.


Water Retention Projects


Pedestrian and Walking Trail Projects

Several Expropriation Proceedings Many negotiated prior to expropriation

Infrastructure Solutions

  • Project Planning, Notification and Acquisition Tools
  • Acquisition Programs
  • Specialized and Customized Community Engagement Programs 
  • Land Access and Regulatory Needs for nearly any development type 

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