Executive and Management Team

People. That is the core of who we are and what we provide. It’s our people, our experience, our minds for your right-of-way solutions. Get to know us, the people behind your strategy.

Executive Team

Brodie Allen, SR/WA

Chief Executive Officer

One event, viewed by four individuals, results in four truths.– Stephen Hawking

A passionate visionary with a mindset of growth, Brodie is the founder of Evolve, a strong business leader and firm believer in Evolve’s internal mantra – Boldly. Building. Momentum. Brodie is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the company’s operations, guiding the team to execute its vision and is instrumental in driving Evolve’s corporate execution strategy.

Understanding the critical importance of building a loyal and talented team to make vision a reality, Brodie is incredibly focused on company culture and feels fortunate to have such a talented group helping drive Evolve into the future. Brodie has quarterbacked this team through 6 successful mergers & acquisition demonstrating ability to execute mandates and achieve set goals during Evolve’s growth to its North American presence it is today.

Brodie began his career in the right-of-way industry early in 2000 as a field land agent, then advanced his career to an in-house energy producer role in late 2002, and was offered a senior leadership role managing 15 team members in 2005. Learning how to lead a talented and diverse team, while navigating challenging situations and a high volume of complex development programs, Brodie believed he apply these lessons and truly enhance the service sector of the land and right of way profession. In 2007, Brodie founded Evolve with the mission of “mitigating surface impacts, while supporting responsible energy development”. Though vision, values and direction have evolved over time, this original mission remains central to Evolve's operations today.

Holding both is SR/WA and PSL designations, Brodie is passionate about continuous improvement, ongoing education and professionalism in the right-of-way sector. He has dedicated countless volunteer hours to the International Right of Way Association (IRWA), focusing on these objectives.

In his personal life, Brodie prioritizes spending time with his family. Whether enjoying a relaxing day on the lake, volunteering for his kids' sports, or taking a mini-getaway with his wife, Brodie always ensures that quality family time is a priority.

Charmaine Martens


When you learn, teach. When you get, give.– Maya Angelou

Since starting with Evolve in 2011, Charmaine has become an integral component to Evolve’s success and growth. With each new role she excelled and inspired the team. From day-to-day operations to strategic vision, Char (as we call her) brings positivity and humanity into every task. As President, she is accountable for the execution of the company vision and providing direction to the corporate team. Her diverse experience in operations, human resources, finance, and team dynamics make her a perfect fit in the role.

Charmaine obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from the University of Lethbridge and has completed the Executive Development Course with McGill University. She is an active member of the Calgary Chapter of the WPO where she is a mentor and mentee alike . Charmaine’s roots are in Airdrie, where she was born and raised. Her connection to the community can be felt through her support of local charities and businesses. Between spending time at her “happy place” (the family’s lake lot) and inspiring and supporting her two girls Char models the work-life balance that a career at Evolve can provide.

Trevor Martens, SR/WA

Executive Vice-President, Corporate Development

Don’t mistake my silence for ignorance, my calmness for acceptance, or my kindness for weakness. – Carson Kolhoffor

After graduating from University, Trevor started his surface land career in 2002, He has developed into a motivating and charismatic leader, who encourages his team to use creative ideas to complete project in an efficient manner.

Starting as Evolve’s seventh ever employee, Trevor has seen Evolve grow from a small, intimate office into a large service provider spanning North America. His upbeat and engaging personality is not only asset with regards to client relations – but also in ensuring Evolve’s culture is a positive and welcoming atmosphere.

Trevor has had the unique experience of being engaged within all of our divisions from a project management role to effectively created business development opportunities throughout the divisions. His career started with a focus in Upstream, but has expanded to Midstream, Telecommunications, Power Transmission, Renewables and Transportation projects. Trevor held an integral part in the expansion of Evolve’s surface land offerings throughout the United States and has worked on projects across the country.

Trevor has received his SR/WA (Senior Right-of-Way Agent) Designation from the IRWA (International Right of Way Association). Trevor served as IRWA Chapter 48 President for 2016-2017 and served as a member of the IRWA Credentialing Committee and Chair for 4 years. In addition, he is a certified instructor with the IRWA, teaching various courses in negotiations and project management.

Something you might not know about him – Trevor has a minor in music and can play three instruments. Bet you can’t guess which ones!

Jerad Bonetti, SR/WA

Executive Vice-President, Corporate Services

Never walk by a mistake. –  General Ann Dunwoody

Jerad’s career in the right-of-way sector began in 2004, with a focus on oil and gas project management and stakeholder engagement. His upbringing on a large farm and ranch, coupled with a rigorous technical education, has shaped his distinctive outlook on the right-of-way industry and business in general. Jerad's entrepreneurial spirit has led him to founding multiple businesses, where he has successfully led numerous teams and projects, developed innovative strategies for success, and consistently demonstrated a strategic grasp of business operations.

Throughout his career, Jerad has eschewed micromanagement, preferring to empower his team and work collaboratively towards meaningful results. His leadership style seeks success but allows for failure firmly believing that this is the fastest path to growth. Jerad champions the principle that simplicity leads to effectiveness, a philosophy inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s insights on complexity and efficiency.

Jerad is an active woodworker who fully admits to measuring once and then having to cut multiple times. When he’s not trying to glue wood back together, you can find him operating a random piece of heavy equipment on his acreage or chasing his young son around on an ATV.

Corporate Team

Brad Krabel, SR/WA

Director, Project Delivery

Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game– Babe Ruth

Since entering the right of way profession in 1995 Brad’s career has been filled with stops across a variety of industries and project areas including telecommunications, pipelines, gas and electric utilities, office buildings and renewable energy. Having worked both on the client and consultant sides of projects Brad is able to understand many of the challenges clients face. Throughout his career Brad has said yes to most every opportunity which has given him the opportunity to work with teams on regulatory and legislative changes as well as numerous other initiatives outside of traditional right of way support. These opportunities along with his experience across multiple industries have helped Brad to bring in a variety of best practices and create unique solutions to the obstacles projects often face.

Brad received his SR/WA (Senior Right of Way Agent) Designation and R/W Negotiation Certification from the International Right of Way Association. He has served as IRWA Chapter 12 President, IRWA Region 5 Chair and has instructed courses for the IRWA. Brad also helped create IRWA Course 218 (Right of Way Acquisition for Electrical Transmission Projects and has been a presenter at IRWA meetings and Annual Educational Conferences over the years.

Jason Tweten

Director, Environmental Services

You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.– Wayne Gretzky

Jason Tweten is a distinguished leader in the field of land and environmental services, renowned for his visionary approach, strategic acumen, and commitment to sustainable practices. As the former President of Action Land & Environmental Services Ltd., and now serving as Director of Environmental Services at Evolve Surface Strategies Inc. following a successful acquisition, Jason has been instrumental in shaping the company's success. He has significantly contributed to the advancement of land management, regulatory compliance, and environmental stewardship.

With over twenty years of experience as a Professional Landman in the energy sector across Alberta and Saskatchewan, Jason brings a wealth of expertise to his role. Under his leadership, Action Land & Environmental Services Ltd. achieved remarkable milestones, establishing itself as a trusted partner in the oil and gas and renewable energy sectors. As a respected figure within the oil and gas community, Jason actively participates in industry forums, sharing insights and contributing to the ongoing dialogue on sustainable practices and regulatory compliance.

Trevor Schoenroth

Director, Corporate Operations & Resourcing

In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years– Abraham Lincoln

Trevor Schoenroth grew up on a farm just outside Regina Saskatchewan, where he developed a strong connection to the land and agriculture. He pursued higher education at the University of Saskatchewan
(U of S), graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Agronomy and a minor in Agricultural Business.

Trevor began his career as a Land Agent in 2001 with Action Land in Medicine Hat, Alberta. In 2005, he moved to Calgary to join Encana Oil & Gas, marking the start of his journey in the energy sector. His career took him to Dallas, Texas, in 2008, where he worked on upstream projects in the Barnett Shale, Haynesville Shale, and Tuscaloosa Marine Shale plays.

In 2014, Trevor returned to Calgary, Alberta to continue his career with Orlen Upstream, a small upstream producer. After gaining significant experience in the corporate sector, he transitioned out of his in-house roles to pursue his opportunities as a Director in the Texas office for Evolve Surface Strategies (USA).

Trevor has been a licensed Land agent in Alberta since 2001, an active member of the American Association of Professional Landmen (AAPL) since 2011, and received his Certified Professional Landman (CPL) designation in 2012.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Trevor is actively involved in his community. He has volunteered his time coaching and serving on the minor hockey league board for two years. In his leisure time, Trevor enjoys, fixing cars and working in his shop, combining his passion for hands-on work with his professional expertise in land management.

Kristin Males

Director, Field Operations Western Canada

In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity– Albert Einstein

Kristin embarked on her professional journey in 2007, diving into the world of surface land after completing the Petroleum Land Administration Program at SAIT. Since then, she has emerged as a seasoned Project Manager, boasting an extensive track record in Midstream and long linear projects. With a wealth of experience under her belt, Kristin has overseen and managed of over 1,000 kilometers of new pipeline construction, navigating through freehold, crown, and regulatory requirements. Additionally, she played a pivotal role as the Third-Party Coordinator for a major midstream pipeline replacement program, spanning 1,100 kilometers over three provinces. Her role involved managing a team of three land brokers, ensuring the accuracy and execution of all third-party agreements, and liaising with in-house engineering and land departments to ensure project success.

Kristin's expertise extends beyond project management; she has cultivated a robust foundation of industry knowledge through a dedicated commitment to excellence and continuous learning. By staying updated on evolving industry practices and cultivating enduring relationships with clients, governmental bodies, and various stakeholders, Kristin ensures that Evolve remains at the forefront of the industry. Additionally, her proficiency in various computer programs has proven instrumental in enhancing both internal operations and client experiences. Her skill in developing and refining processes has led to tangible improvements in workflow efficiencies, benefiting both the team and clients alike.

In her current capacity as the Director of Field Operations for Western Canada, Kristin spearheads initiatives aimed at optimizing human capital, streamlining project resourcing, and fostering process innovation and efficiencies. Her tenure with Evolve has been marked by a consistent demonstration of her ability to thrive under pressure, delivering results within tight timelines while maintaining a positive attitude and excellent work ethic.

Born and raised in Airdrie, Kristin maintains a strong connection to her community, where she is now raising her own family. During the winter months, she can often be found on the ski slopes or at local rinks, volunteering and cheering on her kids as they play hockey. When the sun graces the off-season, Kristin enjoys spending quality time with her family, unwinding and relaxing at their lake property.

Jon Orsak

Director, Technical Integrations

“The application of GIS is limited only by the imagination of those who use it”– Jack Dangermond

Jonathon (Jon) Orsak is a highly experienced GIS Analyst with over two decades of experience in the Oil and Gas Industry. ​ He is currently the Director of Technical Integrations at Evolve Surface Strategies Inc. ​ In this role, Jon strategically plans and executes marketing positions for GIS technology, promotes collaboration as a cultural value, investigates new opportunities, and maximizes value add for technology investment. ​ He also played a key role in executing an internal ESRI Enterprise implementation project. ​

Prior to joining Evolve, Jon worked at Ovintiv Inc. where he held various positions including Senior Operations Technologist, GIS Lead - Canada, and Senior GIS Analyst / GIS Advisor. During his time at Ovintiv, Jon supported various disciplines with GIS technology, maintained and supported web-mapping applications, researched technology use within facilities groups, and negotiated Enterprise licensing Agreements with vendors to maximize value for Ovintiv.

Before his tenure at Ovintiv, Jon worked at Lorrnel Consultants and Ever Green Land Use Consulting where he served as the GIS Manager and GIS Analyst respectively. ​ In these roles, he managed a GIS Department, provided mapping services and spatial data analysis for various companies in the Oil and Gas Industry, and designed and implemented GIS-based processes for calculating timber damage and determining compensation owed. ​

Jon holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Geography with a focus on Geomatics from the University of Lethbridge. ​ He is a customer-focused professional with the ability to communicate with both business and GIS/IT teams, making him an invaluable asset in developing GIS solutions for business needs. ​ Jon's extensive experience in ESRI software, including ArcGIS, GIS Portal, and ArcGIS Online, further enhances his expertise in the field. ​

With his strong leadership skills, technical expertise, and dedication to maximizing value through GIS technology, Jon Orsak is a valuable member of the Evolve team.

Industry & Region Leads

Laura Butterfield

Lead Land Development

Laura plays a pivotal role in spearheading our land development and acquisition strategies along with optimizing our operational processes. Laura is a seasoned land professional with over two decades of expertise in both the private and public sectors of energy, real estate, land management and land development industries. Her passion for understanding the complexities of land and commitment to sustainable land use has shaped her career. She has held key positions in local government in the land and real estate division, where she played a pivotal role in shaping land policies and community stake-holder initiatives. Her collaborative approach has fostered partnerships between government agencies, community stakeholders, and private stakeholders to achieve common goals. Her dedication to sustainable, responsible, and profitable land use is a testament to her commitment in creating vibrant, resilient communities for the present and future generations.

Courtney Roth

Regional Lead, Peace Region

To bring about change, you must not be afraid to take the first step. We will fail when we fail to try.– Rosa Parks

With well over a decade's experience in the surface land industry, Courtney has held many roles on a variety of project teams. Holding a Bachelor of Science in Land Use and Environmental Studies from the University of Saskatchewan, her education and experience provide a well rounded approach to the projects she is currently managing. When Courtney started in the land industry, she held a field position with a land broker completing environmental assessments and associated field work for primarily crown upstream projects; this experience provides invaluable background knowledge for current projects. Since her start in the industry, she has continued to provide administrative and management support to a variety of upstream and midstream clients.

As a project manager, Courtney continuously builds connections and relationships with project teams, clients and stakeholders.

When she isn't at work, Courtney is likely found out adventuring, whether it is camping, hiking or getting out in the community!

Jenn Watts

Regional Lead, Southern Alberta

Be the change that you wish to see in the world– Mahatma Gandhi

Working in the Right-of-Way profession since 2013, Jenn brings discipline and diverse experience to any project team. She manages and supports client projects with her in-depth grasp of project objectives and ability to navigate complex regulatory requirements while efficiently leading project teams. With Jenn’s diverse experience as a Project Manager in multiple divisions, she has proven to be a valuable resource on all projects, consistently producing high quality work and deliverables to ensure project success.

In her spare time, you can find Jenn fishing, golfing, hiking and spending all her time outdoors where possible.

Lance Collinsworth

Regional Lead - Central USA

Lance Collinsworth is an innovative, results-oriented right-of-way professional with over 15 years of experience. His passion for building relationships and exceeding client and management expectations has made him a key team member at Evolve. Lance has significant expertise in project management, stakeholder relations, client relations, operations, software, and providing e-business solutions. He excels in team building, communication, inter-department collaboration, executive client relations, and account management.

Shannon Armstrong, B.SC., P.GEOL., P.GEO.

Environmental Manager - Site Assessment and Reclamation

It's all messy: The Hair. The bed, The words. The heart. Life– William Leal

Shannon is a seasoned environmental professional with over two decades of experience in the environmental industry, throughout Western Canada. She possesses an insightful understanding of the complexities surrounding environmental challenges through multiple industry sectors with a focus on the oil and gas industry.

With a background in Geology and Environmental Science and an acute understanding of environmental requirements, she successfully manages the full range of site closure projects. Project scopes range from initial, Environmental Site Assessments, to contamination management, right through to regulatory closure applications; for small-scale, single sites, to large multi-site fields; and across multiple provinces. Her career started in the field in northern Alberta and BC and progressed to a Manager and Industry Lead, now primarily focused in southern prairie regions. This provides her with well rounded, practical experience to understand all aspects of projects and challenges that may occur.

Her meticulous approach involves developing comprehensive closure plans from start to finish, that encompass environmental regulatory requirements and stakeholder obligations. Shannon’s hands-on experience and attention to detail result in successful outcomes, even in the face of unforeseen challenges.

Shannon’s leadership has been instrumental in growing a thriving, successful team, and fostering positive relationships with clients, regulatory agencies and landowners. Her and her team’s contributions are active in advancing industry towards a future where decommissioned sites are successfully, safely, and responsibly returned to their natural state.

Outside of her professional life her favourite place to spend her free time is at the lake with her family.

Michelle Van Petten

Regional Lead, Central Alberta

In a world where you can be anything, Be Kind. – Unknown

Michelle Van Petten is the Central Alberta Regional Lead at Evolve Surface Strategies and has been involved in Surface Land since 2007. She has worked across various industries including Upstream Oil and Gas, Midstream, and Transportation and Municipalities. As Lead Administrator she has tackled many aspects of surface land acquisition and stakeholder engagement, always focusing on building positive relationships and navigating complex processes to ensure successful projects.

Michelle is dedicated to the development, well-being, and overall effectiveness of Evolve Surface Strategies' most valuable asset – it’s people. Creating a supportive and empowering work environment is a top priority for her, and she’s committed to driving positive outcomes both within the company and in the industries they serve.

Outside of the office, Michelle remains deeply connected to her agricultural roots, working alongside her husband on their family farm. She also plays an integral role in raising three boys amidst the busy schedules of their many sports and activities. She steps into many volunteer roles with her boys teams, and you won’t miss her on the sidelines as she is a loud and proud sports mom. She enjoys spending time in the mountains; skiing, hiking, or camping. Michelle's ability to balance her professional achievements with her dedication to family and community reflects her unwavering commitment to excellence in all aspects of her life.

Jon Atcheson, SR/WA

Regional Lead, Saskatchewan

I firmly believe that any man's finest hour, the greatest fulfillment of all that he holds dear, is that moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle - victorious." – this one is actually my favorite, but could be a little much. – Vince Lombardi

Jon Atcheson has worked in the right of way profession since 2010 with most of his experience in Saskatchewan. His ability to adapt and meet new challenges has allowed him to work in upstream and midstream oil and gas, power, telecom, highways and infrastructure, potash, and renewable energy. He is passionate about his work, building lasting relationships with stakeholders and meeting and exceeding his clients needs.

Jon attended the University of Regina from 2005-2009 where he played for the Regina Rams Football team. He graduated with a Business Degree in Finance, and a Certificate in Economics. Within a year of graduation, Jon started his career in land.

From 2010-2015 Jon worked primarily on surface and mineral work for oil and gas upstream and potash clients. The slowdown in 2015 allowed Jon to take on projects in other industries and broaden his knowledge of land and fee simple acquisition. Jon especially enjoyed analysing and conveying appraisals to stakeholders for highways, infrastructure, and potash projects. Jon has worked on numerous projects in all corners of Saskatchewan, SW Manitoba, and SE Alberta.

Jon is a critical thinker and is detail oriented. He is a terrific problem solver and always provides possible solutions to his clients when dealing with adversity on projects. Jon knows the importance of stakeholder engagement and strives to educate stakeholders, understand their concerns and work towards resolution.

Jon is an advocate for continued education and learning. He has earned his SR/WA (Senior Right-of-Way Agent) accreditation and is an active member of the IRWA (International Right of Way Association). Jon currently is on the Chapter 79 executive serving as chapter treasurer.

A worn body following decades of competitive sports has turned Jon towards his more refined passion of woodworking and building furniture. Reinforced by his interests, Jon brings with him strong leadership and problem-solving skills.

Joe Currie, SR/WA

Regional Lead, Midwest and Western US

The greatest victory is that which requires no battle.– Sun Tzu

Joe uses engineering experience and his curiosity for all things energy to deliver successful projects in the right of way industry. He is an experienced land rights negotiator for solar, wind, oil & gas, greenfield, brownfield and water/wastewater pipeline projects while adapting his dynamic personality to project team management. Joe respects the role of the landowner as a starting point for any successful project. This fact is most apparent when leading community outreach and landowner interaction programs as he has for several large utilities.

As an industry leader, understands the importance of giving back to the industry. Joe has served as the IRWA San Diego Chapter 11 President, IRWA Region 1 Chair, served on the International Governing Council, and served on several ad-hoc committees. Using the same creativity he applies to his project management style, Joe channeled his energies to the IRWA as co-chair of a very successful annual conference known as San Diego 2015.

Kimberley Enns

Regional Lead, Manitoba

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.– Thomas A. Edison

Commencing her tenure in the Right-of-Way sector at Evolve in 2014, Kimberley has cultivated a rich and diverse professional journey spanning multiple divisions across the prairie provinces and the United States. Her inaugural role saw her play an instrumental role in a significant pipeline replacement initiative, overseeing its entirety from inception through to final package turnover, encompassing aspects such as acquisitions, third-party liaison, and construction oversight. With a specialized focus on Midstream oil and gas operations in Manitoba, Kimberley's tenure has been marked by a blend of expertise and a steadfastly positive demeanor, propelling her ascent from Right-of-Way administrator to Lead Right-of-Way administrator, culminating in her current role as the Manitoba Region Lead.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Kimberley finds solace in spending quality time with her family. In her leisure moments, she indulges her passion for quilting and crafting, nurturing a well-rounded life outside of the professional sphere.

Blaine Arvidson

Lead, Upstream

Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking.– William Butler Yeats

Since starting his surface land career in 2005, Blaine has gained vast experience in the surface land industry, including as a Project Manager at Evolve Surface Strategies. Blaine has been accountable for stakeholder engagement and project coordination across various industries at Evolve but has chosen to focus on Upstream Oil and Gas. With roots in agriculture and a profound understanding of the intricacies of land management, Blaine brings a unique perspective to his role.

Growing up on a family farm outside of Three Hills, Alberta, Blaine developed an appreciation for the land and its potential. Graduating from Olds College in 2005, he carried forward the lessons of stewardship and hard work into his professional endeavors. Blaine transitioned his agricultural expertise into the right of way industry, where he has flourished as a problem solver and negotiator. He has amassed extensive in-house experience on both crown and freehold owned lands, honing his skills in project management and public relations.

As the Lead of Upstream projects at Evolve, Blaine ensures projects are well executed from kickoff to construction, that clients are happy with results, and relations are fostered positively. He has experience negotiating and completing successful stakeholder engagement in all aspects of oil and gas acquisition including multi-well pads, sour infrastructure, facilities, pipelines, rental reviews, temporary waterlines, First Nations Consultation, and has participated in AER and SRB hearings.

Outside of work, Blaine's interests include hockey, golf, and spending cherished moments with family and friends.

Darcy Douglas

Lead, Power

Your talent determines what you can do. Your motivation determines how much you’re willing to do. Your attitude determines how well you do it. – Lou Holtz

Darcy has worked in Land since 2009 and has done various activities including First Nation Consultations, Right of Way Access Coordinator, Alternate Dispute Resolutions and has dealt with various complicated and difficult negotiations.

Using his Agriculture background, Darcy uses all skills on a day to day basis to help clients give costs for real time pricing and issues.

Darcy has been working with Power for 7 years whether it be distribution, transmission or renewable energy.

Mike Jamieson
Mike Jamieson

Bud Clarke, RW-NAC

Lead, Midstream Integrity & Maintenance

Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value.– Albert Einstein

Working in the right of way industry since 2011, Bud has developed a skill set well-suited for midstream maintenance and integrity. He started out as a field agent in 2011 and quickly took on the task of acquiring land in well developed areas in Western Alberta. At the time Evolve was growing rapidly and he had to adapt to a steep learning curve. For a significant period of time Bud worked for a major midstream company where he was exposed to the process of maintaining pipelines across Western Canada and he became intimately familiar with the ins and outs of pipeline preventative maintenance. He rejoined Evolve in 2019 and has become a trusted and proven expert in his current role as the Lead for Midstream Maintenance.

Bud spent most of his childhood on the family farm Northeast of Edmonton, Alberta where he acquired his love of the outdoors and a connection to agriculture. A long time friend introduced him to the Right of Way industry and he attended Olds College and became a Licensed Land Agent. Bud's easygoing personality and proficiency has earned him the title of being, “casually efficient". His approach has helped him successfully work through a diverse range of demanding projects fostering long time relationships. Bud now resides in Edmonton where he enjoys getting outside with his family, volunteer coaching his kids in their pursuits, woodworking, and tinkering with automobiles. Bud is also known for growing a mean garden and cooking up a gourmet meal.


Lead, Telecommunications

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take– Wayne Gretzky

Erin, born and raised in Calgary, grew up with a significant part of her family involved in the right-of-way industry, sparking her interest in surface land from an early age. Since joining Evolve, she has rapidly advanced her career, starting as a Surface Land Administrator and quickly rising to become Project Manager, and later, the Lead for the telecommunication Division. Erin credits her success to the fantastic team that supports her and Evolve's clients.

Outside of tackling project challenges with confidence, Erin enjoys spending quality time with her family, attending concerts, and coaching her daughter's ringette teams. Two unique facts that define Erin are: she played ringette in the Czech Republic, having started the sport at the tender age of 5, and she holds a Business Management Diploma from SAIT.

Business Development

Steward Anderson
Steward Anderson 2

Stewart Anderson, SR/WA

Business Development - Manitoba

The focus of my life begins at home with family, loved ones and friends. I want to use my resources to create a secure environment that fosters love, learning, laughter and mutual success. I will protect and value integrity. I will admit and quickly correct my mistakes. I will be a self-starter. I will be a caring person. I will be a good listener with an open mind. I will continue to grow and learn. I will facilitate and celebrate the success of others.– Merlin Olson

Stewart ‘Stew’ Anderson worked for the City of Winnipeg for 33 years, 19 of which were with the City’s Real Estate Department. During this time Stew was responsible for the negotiating, utility easement, commercial leases, appraisal reviews, partial and full acquisitions of both residential and commercial properties.

In 2001, Stew became an active member of the IRWA (International Right of Way Association) and received his SR/WA (Senior Right-of-Way) designation in 2006. Stew is a past president of the IRWA’s Manitoba Chapter 66, past president of the Canadian Right of Way Educational Foundation, presently the Region 10 (Western Canada) Vice-Chair and has been asked to Chair a Committee to review the IRWA’s by-laws.

For the last 8 years with Evolve, Stew has exclusively concentrated on land acquisition projects that required expropriation and coordination of the timing of land acquisitions, monitoring acquisition/expropriation budgets, and liaising with property owners. In addition, Stew was responsible for developing the acquisition/expropriation strategy for the South/West Bus Rapid Transit Stage 2 Project, which is the City of Winnipeg’s largest land acquisition/expropriation project in the last 30 years.

No stranger to team building, Stew has over 28 years of athletic coaching experience. He has coached athletes from elementary school age to the university level, with many athletes moving on to have successful university careers and even professional careers.

Brandon Tolliver

Business Development Specialist

If you set your goals ridiculously high and it's a failure, you will fail above everyone else's success.– James Cameron

While Brandon may be fairly new to the land industry, he brings a wealth of experience from his background as a sales representative in the marine industry, spanning over 11 years.

With his solid background as an account manager, Brandon is no stranger to nurturing relationships. This experience made his transition into Business Development with Evolve a seamless journey.

And here's a fun twist—did you know that Brandon is a certified skydiver with several licenses under his belt? Talk about taking a leap into new adventures both in and out of the office. But that's not all; he loves hitting the waves for some wake surfing fun. Living by the picturesque Lake Minnetonka in Minnesota surely has its perks!

Craig Forrest

Business Development Manager

Take everything you like seriously, except yourself.– Rudyard Kipling

Since embarking on his career in the energy industry in the late 90s, Craig has enjoyed extensive work both in Canada and abroad. His career has primarily revolved around exploration, where he has been actively involved in delineating emerging markets and development projects.

Craig has held pivotal roles in operations, project management, and project coordination across North America. He has overseen operations for an exploration service provider in Canada and the USA, managing staff and equipment mobilization across continents, including the continental US, Australia, and Great Britain. Over the years, Craig has transitioned into business development, where he has excelled in selling services in North America’s dynamic marketplaces. He has collaborated with industry leaders in developing unique product lines tailored to meet evolving market demands. Craig's expertise extends to staffing new product lines, implementing services as industry standards, and innovating marketing strategies to unlock previously unrealized potentials.

Passionate about infrastructure projects, Craig thrives on exploring alternative markets and leveraging his experience to pioneer new service applications. He firmly believes that teamwork is integral to delivering superior customer service and achieving project success.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Craig cherishes spending time with his family, often exploring the outdoors through skiing, fishing, or other sporting activities. His upbringing, infused with a passion for travel by his parents, has taken him to various corners of the globe, including Central America, Asia, Australia, Britain, and South America, for both work and leisure.

Craig places utmost importance on personal relationships and strives to connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds and perspectives, driven by a desire for fresh insights. His transition into a business development role at a multi-disciplined land acquisition firm perfectly aligns with his true passion for building connections and exploring new opportunities.