Executive and Management Team

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Corporate Team

Brodie Allen, SR/WA

Chief Executive Officer

One event, viewed by four individuals, results in four truths.– Stephen Hawking

As the CEO and Founder of Evolve, Brodie is accountable for setting the strategic direction of Evolve’s operations, as well as guiding supporting the team to execute the company’s vision. Brodie began career in the right of way industry in 2000 as a field agent and quickly learned how to manage a team and work on complex projects. In 2007 he struck out on his own and founded Evolve with the vision of creating a service provider who would advocate for industry and landowners – mitigating the impacts of projects for stakeholders, while supporting responsible development, a vision which he lives and shares with the Evolve team today.

Brodie is passionate about continuous improvement and ongoing education for the right of way profession, putting countless hours of volunteer efforts in with the International Right of Way Association (IRWA) and specific focus on this objective. With SR/WA and PSL designations Brodie brings professionalism and a depth of knowledge in strategically engaging with stakeholders of all types on any size projects. His understanding of the business of right-of-way in Canada and the USA enables clients to benefit from best practices in multiple industries, issue management and precise recommendations for project success. Brodie brings a wealth of expertise at an international level that gives Evolve clients a rare strategic advantage in complex projects. He is currently serving as the Canadian Energy Regulator advisor for the IRWA.

In his personal life, Brodie enjoys spending as much time with his family as he can. Whether enjoying a relaxing day on the lake together, volunteering with his kid’s sports, or having a mini-getaway with his wife, Brodie always makes quality time with family a priority.

Charmaine Martens


When you learn, teach. When you get, give.– Maya Angelou

Since starting with Evolve in 2011, Charmaine has become an integral component to Evolve’s success and growth. With each new role she excelled and inspired the team. From day-to-day operations to strategic vision, Char (as we call her) brings positivity and humanity into every task. As President, she is accountable for the execution of the company vision and providing direction to the corporate team. Her diverse experience in operations, human resources, finance, and team dynamics make her a perfect fit in the role.

Charmaine obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from the University of Lethbridge and has completed the Executive Development Course with McGill University. She is an active member of the Calgary Chapter of the WPO where she is a mentor and mentee alike . Charmaine’s roots are in Airdrie, where she was born and raised. Her connection to the community can be felt through her support of local charities and businesses. Between spending time at her “happy place” (the family’s lake lot) and inspiring and supporting her two girls Char models the work-life balance that a career at Evolve can provide.

Trevor Martens
Trevor Martens 2

Trevor Martens, SR/WA

Executive Vice-President, Market Growth

Don’t mistake my silence for ignorance, my calmness for acceptance, or my kindness for weakness. – Carson Kolhoffor

Since beginning his surface land career in 2002, Trevor has developed into a motivating and charismatic leader, who encourages his team to use creative ideas to complete project in an efficient manner.

Trevor has had the unique experience of being engaged within all of our divisions. His career started with a focus in Upstream, but has expanded to Midstream, Telecommunications, Power and Renewables.

Starting as Evolve’s seventh ever employee, Trevor has seen Evolve grow from a small, intimate office into a large service provider spanning North America. His upbeat and engaging personality is not only asset with regards to client relations – but also in ensuring Evolve’s culture is a positive and welcoming atmosphere.

Trevor has received his SR/WA (Senior Right-of-Way Agent) Designation from the IRWA (International Right of Way Association). Trevor served as IRWA Chapter 48 President for 2016-2017 and is currently the Chair of the Credentialing Committee. In addition, he is a certified instructor with the IRWA, teaching various courses including communications and project management focused courses.

Something you might not know about him – Trevor has a minor in music and can play three instruments. Bet you can’t guess which ones!

Jerad Bonetti

Executive Vice-President, Corporate Services

Never walk by a mistake. –  General Ann Dunwoody

Since launching his career in surface land in 2004, Jerad has gained experience in project management and field engagement with a focus in upstream oil and gas. Raised on a large farming and ranching operation in Southern Alberta, along with earning a technical education, Jerad has a unique perspective on the business of right-of-way land acquisition. Having been a partner in two other successful brokers, he has been involved in thousands of effective negotiations and multiple, large scale land acquisition programs, proving his ability to view projects from a business model standpoint.

As our Executive Vice-President of Corporate Services Jerad ensures projects are well executed through process development; that clients are satisfied with what we deliver; and that we are responsibly resourced in order to effectively service our clients.

A continuous learner, Jerad reads, on average, a book a week. For furthering his industry knowledge, he is involved with the IRWA (International Right of Way Association), sitting on the education committee to educate and evolve the role of a Right-of-Way agent beyond the traditional "Landman."

Mike Jamieson

Director, Market Development


“Everyone smiles in the same language.”– George Carlin

Mike was born and raised in Calgary and his experiences in southern Alberta shaped his passion for business and industry. With 20 years of experience in business he learned the importance of building relationships for long-term success. As Director of Market Development for Evolve, Mike is responsible for all aspects of strategic growth including business development, client retention, market acumen, and corporate initiatives. He joined Evolve in the summer of 2020 after 14 years with a geomatics & engineering firm where he worked closely with right-of-way companies across Canada. His in-depth experience has built his unique talents, a strong sense of business and a nose for growth, greatly complementing the Evolve corporate team.

In 2003 Mike received a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a concentration in Applied Energy Economics from the University of Calgary. As a committed lifelong learner, he has also taken many courses to build his knowledge and skills including Karrass Negotiation, Leadership with the University of Alberta, Project Management, Advanced Business Development, and he is planning to continue with a post graduate degree in the near future. Mike has also volunteered with the IRWA for several years as Social, Chair, Industry Chair and Chapter 48 Vice President.

In his down time Mike is somewhere outside exploring in the mountains, foothills and plains with his wife and children. He is a passionate outdoorsman and naturalist, often mentoring others in their own explorations.

Mike Jamieson
Mike Jamieson

Brett Manzara, SR/WA

Director of Field Operations

“Who you are tomorrow begins with what you do today.”– Tim Fargo

Brett began his career in the right of way profession as a land agent in the Alberta power sector in 2008. In 2017, Brett received his SR/WA designation with the International Right of Way Association. After just under 10 years with a Berkshire Hathaway Energy company in Calgary, Brett took on a leadership role in the renewables sector with an energy company in Southern Ontario focusing on origination and development projects for the non regulated renewable energy industry in the Midwest,, Northeast and Southern USA.

As a dedicated and an enthusiastic leader, Brett joined Evolve Surface Strategies as the Director of Field Operations in October 2021. He is responsible for coordinating and managing land acquisition and stakeholder relationships for major projects across Eastern Canada and the United States while growing Evolve’s presence in those areas. His experience in many US states has given him invaluable exposure to the needs in diverse markets and development settings.

Since joining the IRWA, he’s been involved in his local chapter in several volunteer roles including most recently President Elect before moving to Ontario. When Brett isn’t coordinating the land for tricky power projects in tough locations, you might find him behind the bench coaching minor hockey or spending time with his young family on his farm north of Toronto.


Mike Jamieson
Mike Jamieson

Bud Clarke, RW-NAC

Lead, Midstream Integrity & Maintenance

"Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value."– - Albert Einstein

Working in the right of way industry since 2011, Bud has developed a skill set well-suited for midstream maintenance and integrity. He started out as a field agent in 2011 and quickly took on the task of acquiring land in well developed areas in Western Alberta. At the time Evolve was growing rapidly and he had to adapt to a steep learning curve. For a significant period of time Bud worked for a major midstream company where he was exposed to the process of maintaining pipelines across Western Canada and he became intimately familiar with the ins and outs of pipeline preventative maintenance. He rejoined Evolve in 2019 and has become a trusted and proven expert in his current role as the Lead for Midstream Maintenance.

Bud spent most of his childhood on the family farm Northeast of Edmonton, Alberta where he acquired his love of the outdoors and a connection to agriculture. A long time friend introduced him to the Right of Way industry and he attended Olds College and became a Licensed Land Agent. Bud's easygoing personality and proficiency has earned him the title of being, “casually efficient". His approach has helped him successfully work through a diverse range of demanding projects fostering long time relationships. Bud now resides in Edmonton where he enjoys getting outside with his family, volunteer coaching his kids in their pursuits, woodworking, and tinkering with automobiles. Bud is also known for growing a mean garden and cooking up a gourmet meal.


Lead, Telecommunications

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take– Wayne Gretzky

Being born and raised in Calgary and having a large portion of her family involved in the right-of-way industry, Erin’s interest for surface land was piqued at an early age. Over the past few years with Evolve, she has quickly grown her career, starting as a Surface Land Administrator growing to become Project Manager of three major carriers’ workflows, with a great team who supports her and our clients.

When not conquering project challenges with confidence, she enjoys spending time with her family in the outdoors, watching sports, or playing softball. And, two things about Erin that may not seem to go together but sum her up in a nutshell are that 1) she once played ringette in the Czech Republic (ask her about it!) and 2) she has her Business Management Diploma.

Kristin Males
Kristin Males2

Kristin Males

Lead, Midstream

In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.– Albert Einstein

With more than 10 years in the right-of-way industry, Kristin has developed a reputation as a knowledgeable and confident Project Manager. In the past three years, she has actively managed more than 400 kms of pipeline, including freehold and crown requirements. Additionally, she was the Third-Party Coordinator for a major midstream pipeline replacement program, including more than 1,100 kms of pipe, managing three land brokers, reviewing third party agreement for execution and coordinating with the in-house engineering and land groups to ensure the program was successful. Throughout Kristin’s time with Evolve, she has proven time and again that she is able to complete work under tight timelines while maintaining a positive attitude and excellent work ethic.

Kristin has created a foundation of knowledge by maintaining a high level of commitment to excellence and lifelong learning. For the past several years, she stays on top of current industry practices by maintaining a membership with CAPLA (Canadian Association of Petroleum Land Administration) and building long standing relationships with government bodies and a variety of third parties. In addition, her considerable background in computer programs has proved invaluable to both our team and our clients, helping to improve efficiencies in generating documentation in an accurate timely manner.

It's important for clients to know that Kristin is an energy generating machine, fueling all projects with positive insights that help move their projects forward. Also, of note, she’s allergic to bananas, so we try to keep these out of all team meetings!

Shane Peters

Lead, Upstream

It is better to be hated for who you are than to be loved for what you are not. – Andre Gibe

Eighteen years as a land broker has seen Shane work all over the province of Alberta in a variety of different roles. Obtaining his Land Agent Diploma from Olds College in 2000, his experience with oil and gas project accountabilities include midstream pipeline and facility acquisition and upstream oil and gas development acquisition, often involving sour wellsite, pipeline and facilities. As a Project Manager and our Peace Region Manager, Shane was a key driver in the opening of our Grande Prairie office. He also takes the time to train and mentor our field team members, ensuring quality and consistency in our work. His patience and calm demeanour assist him in having sensitive conversations, while ensuring clients’ needs are still met and have impact.

An active member of the CAPL (Canadian Association of Petroleum Landmen), he continues to gain new perspectives and insights into the upstream oil and gas industry’s land needs, which he then uses to further support our clients.

Outside of Evolve, he loves the outdoors, just not the large bugs that come with Alberta’s summers! He is also a chauffeur, driving his kids around from hockey to ball year-round.

Tyler Maclean, RWP

Lead, Transportation & Municipalities

Action is the foundational key to all success.– Pablo Picasso

In more than 10 years in the surface land industry, Tyler has been accountable for stakeholder engagement and project coordination in various industry divisions, but has chosen to focus in midstream. Here, he continually demonstrates a strong ability to identify concerns from landowners, actively working to mitigate these concerns and come to mutually beneficial resolutions for all parties. Tyler has experience negotiating in all aspects of oil and gas acquisition including pipeline right-of-way, rental reviews, surface leases, lease amendments, multi-well pads, rental reviews and temporary workspace agreements. Complementing this is Tyler’s work on utility infrastructure developments in Alberta, as well as his experience in highly controversial negotiations, with potentially non-routine applications.

Of note in Tyler’s time with us is his accountability for the acquisition of approximately 350 kms of pipe from Sundre to the US border. A great feat as this required addressing various sensitivities, including HDDs under significant rivers, pipe integrity work in the Cochrane area (an area known for its sensitive landowners) and organic farming operations.

Jacob Partridge
Jacob Partridge2

Jacob Partridge

Lead, Field Operations – Midwest

You have power over your mind, not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.– Marcus Aurelius

Since joining Evolve in 2014 Jacob Partridge has made great strides in becoming a skilled project lead. He has been instrumental in Evolve’s growth in the USA by opening and managing the Indiana office in 2021. This was a strategic move critical to the company’s vision for growth and Jake’s influence was a key driver.

Jacob graduated from Brandon University in 2013, with a Bachelor of Arts Degree, Major in History & Minor in Anthropology. Upon graduation, he spent time as an Educational Assistant at Elton Collegiate before deciding to make a career change to work in Land.

With this change, Jacob became one of Manitoba’s first born and raised field team members for Evolve. Since joining our team, he has shown a dedication to continual development through the IRWA (International Right of Way Association), of which he is also an active member. Currently, he is working towards his obtaining his SR/WA (Senior Right-of-Way) accreditation.

What’s important to Jacob is how the surface land industry can manage impacts for stakeholders and communities. Grounded by his own experiences in rural Manitoba, his perspective often returns to how the project might impact life on his own farm. Knowing this, he is driven to always have a positive impact and show that we are working with communities for the betterment as a whole. Jacob ensures that we strive to be a positive presence wherever we go.

Enjoying everything from weight training and running to board games and writing short stories, Jacob’s unique mixture of interest allows him to bring creative solutions.