Strategic Partnership With ION Charge Corp


 Evolve Surface Strategies Announces a Strategic Partnership with ION Charge Corp  

November 17, 2021

Evolve Surface Strategies Inc. (Evolve) is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Ion Charge Corp. (ION) effective November 15, 2021.

The Partnership

Is designed to support the emerging business of ION who are building a network of grid independent EV fast charging stations, commercial charging solutions, and renewable energy for proprietary data processing. The opportunities for both companies to enhance execution and service capabilities for future markets are greatly improved by the decision.

Why a Partnership?

Evolve and ION are very excited about the mutually beneficial combination of opportunities for our respective employees, clients, customers, and shareholders.

For ION – The partnership provides stability and expertise in securing land access, permitting, and community engagement in the communities ION intends to develop. Evolve’s proven track record with unique projects will allow ION to obtain market access across North America. As a trusted land and right of way management company in renewables and municipality sectors, Evolve’s understanding of the potential issues and challenges will substantially reduce risk for ION.

For Evolve – The partnership is another key step in meeting the growth strategy of supporting emerging markets. It will expose our key staff to vital project work that is extremely unique in both Canada and the United States. Further, this partnership adds another facet to the right of way solutions offered by Evolve in the continued vision of enhancing ‘depth and strength’ across North America.

What’s Next

Effective November 15, 2021, ION will continue to expand the existing land base across Canada and the United States with Evolve’s active support, which will add significant value to ION shareholders. Brodie Allen, Evolve’s CEO, will join the talented team at ION where he has assumed the role of President to support the growth of the company. Brodie will maintain a macro role with Evolve, where he will continue to provide strategic guidance to the executive team.