Evolve Appoints Charmaine Martens as New President


We are pleased to announce the appointment of Charmaine Martens to the role of President of Evolve Surface Strategies Inc.  Charmaine’s skills and experience will be an absolute asset to the firm, providing a fresh energy and leadership perspective as Evolve continues to grow. Charmaine has a strong passion for the company, and a long history dating back to 2011. She has worked her way various roles, becoming a proven leader within the organization.

As a result of Charmaine’s appointment, Evolve is making further changes to our Senior Leadership group by establishing an Executive level in support of the current Corporate Team. This decision aligns Evolve’s leadership accountabilities with the current vision execution and growth model. Jerad Bonetti will assume a new role as Executive Vice-President, Corporate Services. Trevor Martens is appointed to the role of Executive Vice-President, Corporate Development.  Finally, Brodie Allen will transition from his current role as President to Chief Executive Officer, freeing up day to day responsibilities to pursue key strategic opportunities for Evolve. Though Brodie will turn over key accountabilities to Charmaine and the newly appointed Executive Team, he remains active and involved with future growth plans for Evolve.

Our clients will still enjoy the Evolve brand of service as a leading Right of way management firm. We believe our new structure will enhance our current performance and stage the organization for growth.