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People. That is the core of who we are and what we provide. It’s our people, our experience, our minds for your land acquisition surface solutions. Get to know us as the people behind your strategy.

Support Team

Amanda James

Project Manager - Telecommunications

Be Yourself.  Everyone else is already taken.– Oscar Wilde

Amanda was born and raised in rural Alberta and still lives rural, minutes from the Airdrie Office. She graduated from the Olds College Land Agent Program in 2008. Amanda joined the Evolve team in 2019 and has experience in upstream, power, minerals, midstream, and telecommunications.  Amanda is passionate about the land and right of way profession. She is proficient with crown and freehold projects in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario. 

For Amanda, there is no project too small or obscure. She thrives in the challenge of learning new skills and workflows that come with unique projects.  When Amanda is not on the clock with Evolve, thinking of outside-the-box right of way solutions, she can be found “glamping” with her family or with an armload of loot from her latest shopping expedition.

Fun fact: Amanda worked as a Veterinarian Technician at an embryo transplant facility while attending college and for a few years afterwards. 

Steward Anderson
Steward Anderson 2

Stewart Anderson, SR/WA

Business Development – Manitoba

The focus of my life begins at home with family, loved ones and friends. I want to use my resources to create a secure environment that fosters love, learning, laughter and mutual success. I will protect and value integrity. I will admit and quickly correct my mistakes. I will be a self-starter. I will be a caring person. I will be a good listener with an open mind. I will continue to grow and learn. I will facilitate and celebrate the success of others.– Merlin Olson

Stewart ‘Stew’ Anderson worked for the City of Winnipeg for 33 years, 19 of which were with the City’s Real Estate Department. During this time Stew was responsible for the negotiating, utility easement, commercial leases, appraisal reviews, partial and full acquisitions of both residential and commercial properties.

In 2001, Stew became an active member of the IRWA (International Right of Way Association) and received his SR/WA (Senior Right-of-Way) designation in 2006. Stew is a past president of the IRWA’s Manitoba Chapter 66, past president of the Canadian Right of Way Educational Foundation, presently the Region 10 (Western Canada) Vice-Chair and has been asked to Chair a Committee to review the IRWA’s by-laws.

For the last 8 years with Evolve, Stew has exclusively concentrated on land acquisition projects that required expropriation and coordination of the timing of land acquisitions, monitoring acquisition/expropriation budgets, and liaising with property owners. In addition, Stew was responsible for developing the acquisition/expropriation strategy for the South/West Bus Rapid Transit Stage 2 Project, which is the City of Winnipeg’s largest land acquisition/expropriation project in the last 30 years.

No stranger to team building, Stew has over 28 years of athletic coaching experience. He has coached athletes from elementary school age to the university level, with many athletes moving on to have successful university careers and even professional careers.

Jason Heiligsetzer
Jason Heiligsetzer 2

Jason Heiligsetzer


Follow your passion, be prepared to work hard and sacrifice, and, above all, don’t let anyone limit your dreams.– Donovan Bailey

Once Jason discovered the right-of-way industry, he knew he would build his perfect career there. After completing his practicum for his Land Agent Diploma through Olds College with Evolve, Jason stayed on as he loved the culture of balancing fun and hard work, along with the endless opportunities the company offers. As a Project Manager for the Transmission and Power Division, Jason has assisted in building this division from the ground up. From initially focusing on general maintenance projects to now supporting capital and large-scale maintenance projects, he has played a large role with increasing the clients this division supports.

One interesting factoid that most of our clients don’t know about Jason? He enjoys DJing!

Tanya Mayer

Midstream & Upstream

What if I fall? Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?– Erin Hanson

With 18 years of surface land experience, Tanya has been an asset to our team since joining Evolve in 2015. She started her career with the Land Administration program, majoring in Land Administration and Management at Olds College. Since then, she has become a Project Manager accountable for coordinating multiple clients and a variety of projects, showing an adaptability and a knack for client services. She has an intimate knowledge of regulatory requirements and Crown experience, an asset for all projects Tanya works on. Most importantly, she a has a positive impact on our team, sharing her experience with administrators and field members of all levels as she maintains project requirements and timelines.

Lilly Morden

Upstream & Crown

To thrive in life you need three bones: a wish bone, a back bone, and a funny bone.– Reba McEntire

With almost a decade in the surface land industry, Lilly is an asset in her role as a Lead Administrator.  Joining Evolve after a merger, Lilly has been a key member of the Upstream team, with a focus on Crown acquisitions. Her positive attitude and upbeat personality have seen her thrive as our team continues to grow. As Lead Administrator, Lilly enjoys how each day brings a new challenge and learning opportunity that keeps life interesting.

When she is not working, Lilly is chasing after her two young kids which has become her favorite pastime.

Lesley Robertson

Upstream & Crown

Keeping it awkward since 1964.– Lesley Robertson

Some people pick a career in the right-of-way industry but, for Lesley, she’s always believed that the industry picked her. Initially joining the Evolve team through a merger, Lesley continues to be a positive, uplifting, and encouraging part of our ever-growing team. In her role as Senior Land Administrator, Lesley is well versed in all areas of land administration, specializing in Crown acquisitions.

When she’s not lending her expertise to our clients, she can be found hanging with her three hairless cats, camping, or going on epic motorcycle adventures.

Caitlin Besler


Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in in.– Julia Child

With her family’s history in oil and gas, Caitlin was bound for a career in the industry. With her mind for legal processes and love for human interaction, the fast-paced environment in the right-of-way industry was the natural fit within energy. Today as a Lead Surface Administrator, Caitlin is responsible for coordinating the progression of projects between administrators, project coordinators and land agents, while ensuring our legal and regulatory documents and requirements met the highest standards for all clients.

Excited to be part of Evolve’s growth, Caitlin enjoys working on a variety of projects, including supporting start-up companies to mid-size corporations, both within in-house and broker settings, right across Alberta and Saskatchewan. With each experience, she enhances her diverse and creative perspective, helping to improve each project she works on.

A few “little known facts” about Caitlin are that she’s a professional artist, enjoys spending time fly fishing, hiking or trail running, and is completely in love with food and good design.

Chelsea Donaldson

Midstream & Crown

Go as far as you can see; when you get there, you’ll be able to see farther.– Thomas Carlyle

With 10 years of experience and a proven track record in the right-of-way industry, Chelsea has carved out her expertise in crown applications, while developing a well-rounded knowledge of all aspects of midstream project management. In the past year alone, Chelsea has managed the acquisition of more than 450 kms of pipeline and has managed a team through the successful completion of more than 50 crown applications. Of note over her eight years with Evolve, Chelsea has worked with several large companies, including TransCanada, building a reputation as a reliable Project Manager.

For Chelsea, she sees our company and our clients as a way to enjoy working in an industry she loves. She is able to provide high level service and solutions, while finding new and unique ways to learn and grow.

Jon Atcheson, RWP

Project Manager

I firmly believe that any man's finest hour, the greatest fulfillment of all that he holds dear, is that moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle - victorious.– Vince Lombardi

A recent addition to Evolve, Jon Atcheson has worked in the right of way profession since 2010 with all of his experience is Saskatchewan. His ability to adapt and meet new challenges has allowed him to work in upstream and midstream oil and gas, power, telecom, highways and infrastructure, potash and renewable energy. He is passionate about his work, building lasting relationships with stakeholders and meeting and exceeding his clients needs. 

Jon attended the University of Regina from 2005-2009 where he played for the Regina Rams Football team. He graduated with a Business Degree in Finance, and an Certificate in Economics. Within a year of graduation, Jon started his career in land.

Early on he worked primarily on potash and mineral projects. His ability to learn allowed him to quickly transition into upstream oil and gas which demanded full attention until the slow down in 2015. This allowed Jon to broaden his knowledge and skills has he work for many different industries and projects across Saskatchewan.  

Jon is an advocate for continued education and learning. He is an active member of the IRWA (International Right of Way Association), currently an RWA (Right of Way Agent), working rapidly towards his SR/WA (Senior Right-of-Way Agent) accreditation. Jon is currently the education chair and course coordinator for IRWA Chapter 79.

A worn body following decades of competitive sports has turned Jon towards his more refined passion of wood working and building furniture. Reinforce by his interests, Jon brings with him strong leadership and problem-solving skills.  

Craig Forrest

Business Development Manager

Take everything you like seriously, except yourself.– Rudyard Kipling

Since starting his career in the energy industry in the late 90’s Craig has had the good fortune of working extensively throughout Western Canada and abroad. With the emphasis of his career being focused on exploration, Craig has participated in delineation of emerging markets of upstream oil and gas and mineral discovery and development projects.

With roots at a field level Craig’s career path has seen him play key roles in operations, project management, coordinating and supervising projects in North America. He has run operations for an exploration service provider both in Canada and the USA. Coordinating staff and equipment mobilization for the continental US, Australia, and Great Britain. This experience has led Craig into business development roles selling service in the ever-changing marketplace in Calgary for the past many years. Craig has teamed with industry leads and assisted in the design, development and manufacturing of a unique product line that is dedicated to keep up with uncertain market demands. Craig supported staffing the new product line and implementing the service as an industry standard while tackling marketing of the new product line and finding headroom where capacity was previously unrealized. Craig enjoys accessing alternate markets and using his experience in this to create new applications for service. His belief is working in a team environment provides the strongest customer service and is the key for success of any project.

Outside of work Craig may or may not be found. He is usually exploring his surroundings with his family. A quiet weekend, when not at the rink or around a campfire with friends, usually involves an expedition to a ski hill, a fishing hole, or some other form of outdoor sporting. Craig’s parents instilled the gift of travel at a young age, and he has spent much time in spent in Central America, many countries in Asia. Australia, Britain and South America for both employment and enjoyment.

Personal relationships are most important to Craig, He strives to relate to a wide variety of people and points of view, it is fresh perspective that drives Craig to build connections. Landing in a business development role at a multi disciplined land acquisition firm is the perfect place to explore this true passion.